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Complete the article with the phrases in the box:
---a famous British actor
---fascinating short
---frm the cold, dark Antarctic winter
---horrible, cold weather
---it was amazing
---The director of the film
---warm, green
Oto tekst
The BBC, a British television company, often make up a story for April Fool's Day. In 2008, the BBC's April Fools' Day joke was about penguins. The BBC told the audience that the penguins flew north every year to ascape_____.
The short film was presented by _______.
The film showed the penguins flying north from the______at the South Pole, over the ocean and then landing in the trees of the______, South American rainforest.
________, Prof* AlidLoyas told a British newspaper. We couldn't believe our eyes, ______.
Hundreds of people asked to see the_______film again andmore than two hundred thousand people watched it on the Internet.

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  • userphoto

    1 horrible cold. ...
    2 famous...
    3 from the cold arctic...
    4 warm green...
    5 the director. ..
    6 it was amazing
    7 fascinating short..

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