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Napisz o jakimś bohaterze z książki oczywiście po angielsku PROSZE POMOZCIE PLISSSS :)

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  • Original name has has turned out from house ( Anne Blythe Shirley, anna in polish translation under title from green hill ) – main heroine cycle novel youth Shirley Lucy Maud Montgomery Ania. As sources serve ( and transfers of authors ), anna has been born in march 1866 year Shirley, it is possible to calculate that on base of data recorded (written down) in novels also. There is place of its (her) birth in new scotland Bolingbroke. Fathers of (parents of) girls were teachers. Father was called Walter Shirley, mother – Berta Shirley, from house Willis. Daughters on fever late (deceased) after birth shortly. Girl has hit mrs. Thomas under custody of (protection of), occupation was task tetrad of junior (youngest) child . It has been carried for Ania Marysville. When mr. Thomas has perished (has disappeared) under circles of trains, mrs. Hammond has taken care Anią. There girl also child niańczyła, but there were steam of (couple of) twins also. Two lived with this family lat < summer > < year >, for mr. Hammond death of. Widow has divided children between family and it has left for united states. It has hit for orphanage in (to) Ania Hopetown. It has hit for (after) four for house of sibling months – matheush and Maryli Cuthbertów, which (who) lived have in (to) in 1877 year event place eleven lat (summer; year) ( later – ) Avonlea. However, it has has turned out , that they wanted to adopt boy, which (who) would help with farm and tragic inaccuracy has followed (has stepped). It was opposite adoption of girl Maryla, matheush has become fond of very this small istotkę. Conversation has decided with (from) mrs. Spencer, that on green hill remain Ania. Girl has established (has referred) sincere friendship with diana Barry. It has started science in (to) sunday szkółce and in country school in (to) Avonlea. Three weeks has fallen into conflict after beginning of science with gilbert Blythem, boy, majority girlfriend was loved in which (who) from class. Gilbert has drawn her (it) for braid and it has called carrot, but she (it) has smashed table in gesture of vengeance on its (his) personal head. It has been punished by teacher and it has sworn , that never it will return to school. However, otherwise, it has become. For gilbert decide not respond and rival with (from) before in science. Ugly memories mobilized her (it) from lesson. From start of stay of girl on green hill already, many adventures begin surviving. It has been set at variance with neighbor Cuthbertów, in first polish translation ( Rachelą Linde malgozhata ) Linde, because it has called her (it) it russet < ore > and ugly. Several days has apologized from (with) mrs. Linde later skruchą. It has invited from heart on tea some other time " friend " – diana –. It has regaled her (it) by mistake currant wine and diana has returned to house in drunk state (condition). Mrs. Barry has forbidden neither with daughter contacts. Girl has survived this loss painfully very. Several days later Maryla, mrs. Linde and fathers of (parents of) diana have left for nearby city on meeting with important politician. Become (stay) with matheush Ania. In certain moment for house diana wbiegła and it has said, that sister , Minnie, it is seriously ill on krup. Immediately it has run on rescue small Ania and, towards surprising physician, it has saved from death Minnie. Mrs. Barry has allowed thankful once again neither and meet (face each other) diana. It was fascinated nature Ania, there was about outstanding imagination osóbką. When it proceeded by nearby wood (forest) once, it has envisaged, that morale bulldoze in forest, but particularly, morale of murdered girl. Since then it called him (it) wood of (forest of) morale ( or visited wood (forest) ), but it has conceded, that walk about that way buoy < fight > and should reign over emotions more. No doubt, < unmistakable > in this period of life weight neither former teacher, mrs. Muriel Stacy, and mrs. Allan, wife pastora. They have invited with wife on tea certain day Cuthbertowie pastora. Girl decide bake paste, but it has added beads for it (him) walerianowe. Everything it has seemed on tea. It was bent inaccuracy Ania. Certain day has betted with girlfriend, that after roof of house przespaceruje Barrych. Unfortunately,, it has fallen from it (him) and it has broken (has fractured) leg. Russet hair soon later decide redye, which (who) was from always biggest , except freckles, complex. It has bought paint from proceeding dealer. Green hair were effect, must cut off which (who) Ania. It kept decision (resolution) very long and it did not talk to gilbert. When it staged fragment of poem with friends The Lady of Shalott Tennysona, boat has has turned out , it floated as main heroine in which (who) with (from) ( ) Ania Elaine Astolat, begin drowning (sinking). Boy has saved from tight squeeze Anię. However, it did not want to resign it from piqued pride (duma), it has thanked it (him) cool and it has departed. It has finished (has finished) school in (to) Avonlea, then it has passed for teacher's seminar, it learned in which (who) very also well < goods (right) >. Life has depressed , when has has taken up residence in result experienced shock ( bankrupcy bank, austerities held in which (who) ) matheush Cuthbertowie zmarł. Probably, < credible > there was in year 1882. Had serious problems with sight Maryla. It were wanted to teach (to learn) very Ania, especially for late (deceased) trustee (guardian), which (who) was friend for she (it) always, however, it has decided become (stay) in house and take care Marylą. Woman wanted to sell green hill even, it were not wanted to agree lady on that Shirley. Gilbert has decided help neither in hard situation and it has returned employment of teacher in (to) Avonlea, but it has started work in white sands < self-service store >. It has forgiven old injury it (him) Ania. It has received work of teacher. Besides, it was lended in different shares (actions) still, often local. It has set up (has founded) circle of fan between other Avonlea. It has learned new neighbor, mr. Harrisona, it carried on fight with which (who) about cow, on its (his) area żerującą. Club of fan lasted Avonlea, it made great progress (headways) despite ugly case (chance) on admission (preamble; enter) on sharp blue paint in small town ( paint house club ) Avonlea. In far family late (deceased) woman Maryli, which (who) has left two of twins 1876 year ( born near ) – david " davy " Keith and in first polish translation ( Dorę Keith tadeush " " Tadzio Keith and ) Tola Keith. Otherwise for orphanage children decide take care – hit (occur) Maryla. Children have arrived on green hill fall 1882 year. It helped in occupation children Ania Maryli. It has has turned out extremely courteous girl ( ) Dora Tola. It caused problems nervous mainly ( ) Davy Tadzio, but it has found in (to) neither big weight and it has palled up with (from) very her (it). During one of walk after village, they have recovered magic house with diana Ania. As it happens, that there lady lives along with being as (serve) carolina fourth Lawenda, but house is called hut of echo. It has become fond of house very Ania and inhabitant . Lady has taken marriage with (from) mr. Irvingiem soon Lawenda, in first polish translation father ( Pawła Irvinga this place had most faithful pupil (disciple) in year 1884 ) – Irving Ani.. Has passed in same year on studios (studies) examinations lady osiemnastoletnia Shirley and it has left Avonlea. Unfortunately,, mrs. Linde husband zmarł, tomash in result of that, malgozhata is carried on green hill. Therefore, it has left for Ania Kingsport, in order to in famous school teach (learn) ( ) Redmond Redmond College. Along with girlfriends – Stellą Maynard, grant Priscillą and in first polish translation ( Philippą Gordon izabela has has taken up residence in rented secluded spot ) – Gordon Patty. Gilbert studied on same college and adorator neither – carol Sloane. Contest (emulation) lasted in science still. Gossips circulated among students about relationship of (association of) lady with (from) in first polish translation ( Shirley Royem Gardnerem ) Robert Gardner and with lady gilbert blythe cristine Stuart. It did not cover gilbert, that it feels for neither something more than friendship only and it has proposed her (it). However, it has not accepted it bouquet rouge (rose). It has left with (from) for next day iza ( ) Philippą Bolingbroke. There was in year 1886. It survived visit in city very Ania, many have survived in which (who) fathers (parents) so . It has visited house of birth. It was moved. You has handed recovered (turned up) letters (lists) present house , which (who) wrote state for Shirleyowie. House was such exactly, as it imagined him (it) Ania. It has gone on cemetery evening (in the evening), where it has lodged flowers on tomb of father (parents). Iza ( ) Wyznała Philippie, that there is not orphan already. Lady has learned in first polish translation blake ( Gordon pastora Jonasza jerzy ) Blake and become (stay) soon wife . Diana Barry has has apprehended, friend has has taken up residence from heart, become (stay) in june 1887 year wife Freda Wrighta. It has finished (has finished) studios (studies) with progress Ania. When it has returned on green hill, it has said her (it) Tadzio nieopatrznie, that gilbert dies. Bent (depressed) girl took care (keep vigil) whole night. Now it has has apprehended, that it loves gilbert. It despaired, that about not make it in time (manage to do on time) it (him) it say. Had remorses, that now it can not at before be. It has said her (it) next day neighbor parobek, that it has followed (has stepped) przesilenie and probably, < credible > gilbert will convalesce. Several days has faced each other with man later Ania. Love has has turned out Wyznali. Gilbert has asked Anię, in order to become (stay) wife . Answer was affirming. Gilbert continued medical studios (studies) by next three lat < summer > < year >, but it has received employment of director in school in (to) Ania Summerside. Called has has taken up residence in (to) with aunt in some translations aunt humming poplar ( ) Kasią Krysią, in first polish translation aunt ( Chatty aunt of teddy-bear; in newest translations called aunt Lolą or ) Lusią and Rebeką Dew. Assistant manager of school, catherine in first polish translation ( Brooke ) Julianna Brooke, it did not accept she (its; her; it). Had problems with (from) predominating and influential rhodium pringle. Many friends lasted – Zjednała Elżbietkę, by women aggrieved taking care , mothers have have taken up residence – daughter Paulinę despotki, at the end lady also Brooke, which (who) has told tragic history of life . It has left after three work humming poplar Ania and it has returned to Avonlea. It has faced each other with diana, already mrs. Wright, which (who) was small mum neither Kordelii and Freda. It has bowed out with work of teacher ultimately and young lady's state (condition), but preparation lasted on green hill for marriage. In september 1891 year Ania Shirley and become (stay) gilbert marriage Blythe. Lady was first bride on green hill Shirley. Young have left for over gulf st. – village put Glen Mary, where they have have taken up residence in cherished a dream house. Gilbert has taken over practice of medical uncle, in first polish translation david ( Blythe tomash ) Blythe. They have learned lady Kornelię Bryant and captain of james ( zdrobniale Jim; james it jakub in polish ), they have employed in course of time being as (serve) susanna Baker. It has palled up with (from) in first polish translation ( Ania Leslie Moore ewa from house ) – woman Moore West, which (who) took care husband seriously ill < patient >. It has given birth daughter in june 1892 year – Ania Joyce. Late (deceased) girl after birth just. It returned for health after loss of child long very Ania. Gilbert has said neither, that chance exists on all-out cure of husband ewa ( ) Leslie. It has come for operation. As it has has turned out , he (it) was not supposed husband, but brother -in-law of woman. It has fallen in love with writer ford Leslie Owenie and become (stay) soon marriage. It has written book of life of captain Owen Jima. It has given birth son in 1893 year Ania. Jakub " " matheush Jima. Gilbert has made a decision in same year about shopping of estate Morganów and removal, because could not fulfill (perform) function of physician in (to) so distantly put place. State have gone for lantern certain evening (in the evening) blythe. There they have found dead captain Jima, which (who) read book of life. Coast have been carried for soon zloty < golden >. Year has come on world later Walter, but in (to) 1896 bliźniaczki " " Ania Nan and diana " " Di. It has given birth son in (to) 1898 Ania Shirleya, but year youngest daughter later, " " Bertę Marillę Rillę. Father gilbert Zmarł and they have gone for on funeral blythe Avonlea. It has faced each other with diana Ania, however, it has returned with joy to child gromadki. Aunt of gilbert lived by in (to) some time (sometimes) coast zloty < golden > – mary Mary Blythe. They did not like children , because it criticized them very often. Acceptance in (to) its (her) day of birthday decide issue (seem) Ania, aunt about that century (age) very offend – betray (defect) publicly . It has left house blythe. It has fallen ill seriously Ania. Gilbert solicitous took care her (it). It has become fairest physician in region. Day of fifteenth anniversary of marriage approached neither and gilbert. Woman was certain, that it has forgotten husband about their holy < holiday >. It has pronounced, that they will spend this day on acceptance. Cristine had to be one of visitor stuart Dawson. It was offended Ania. It has been dressed in (to) sukienkę, gilbert did not like which (who). Fond (sensitive) < feel > as grey mouse thinks at mrs. Dawson. It was jealous about husband, which (who) talked to cristine whole evening (in the evening). When they have returned to house, it has gone for chamber (peace). begin after stairs gilbert wbiegł. Beautiful (fine) necklace has handed . It has explained, that thinks by last days he (its; his; it) zaprzątało. It was very happy Ania. New has taken up residence in (to) with four children st. – john – widower Glen Mary pastor Meredith. As it happens, that it was not interested actions ecclesiastical < clergyman > completely gromadki, under its (his) careless custody of (protection of) aunt remaining. Whole sibling has has declined , or ur flies " " ( Gerald Jerry. 1894 ), Ur ( Una. 1896 ), In first polish translation ( Faith flora ) and tomash ur " " ( Carlyle Karolek. Many things made 1897 ), it begin from fun on cemetery. Become problem child Ania powierniczką, especially that young have palled up with them blythe. It kept (maintain) contacts with lady Kornelią, which (who) make it in time (manage to do on time) change civil status and adopt ( ) Mary Marysię Vance, friend of child pastora and young blythe. John in first polish translation ( Meredith poślubia Rosemary West ) Rozalia West. Year is started 1914 – and world war. Jim, Walter And they have left for europe Shirley, in order to on conflict (combat) send froncie.Ania Nan and on studios (studies) Di. Sad days of grimness (danger) have been begun for family blythe and expectations. Custodies (protections) undertake over semi-orphan – fortnightly boy Rilla, father is on war which (who). Message (knowledge) has reached year about death 1916 awful Waltera. It has has declined on health very Ania. It despaired too – beloved boy Una. Two flies love of flora later ( ) Jim and they have returned for st. Shirley Glen Mary. It has returned in first polish translation also ford ( Kenneth krzysztof of ford ) – great love Rilli. Nan And they have returned from studios (studies) Di. Last mentions about fates neither they date with (from) 1918 Blythe when it had anna 52 lat < summer > < year > and they date from novel from (with) coast zloty < golden > Rilla.

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    The main character reading on the theme:? The Strangers? is Zenek Wojcik, sixteen-year-boy from the Wroclaw. His mother was dead, and alcoholic father was not interested in her son. Therefore Zenek ran away from home to find his uncle.

    When we meet Zenka, appearance and behavior of living like a castaway. When the first four friends, Julian, Marian, Stone and Ula, met a boy? his face, neck and hands were nasty, grayish color, competent people on a long journey without possibility to wash and change clothes. Long time no shorn hair, lack luster hair resembled niedożywionego cat?.
    Zenek was an exceptional person with an extraordinary character, and his body was inhabited by two entirely different from each person. One of them was cordial, friendly and willing to entrust their secrets, and the other behaved indifferently, mockingly, sometimes even hostile. According to Julian, he was a role model, walker it was not true. stealing and theft, he urged the younger, knowing that they are doing wrong. He liked to pretend to be an adult, often laughed at the foolish statements of younger colleagues. But you can also find Zenku advantages, not only disadvantages. He was brave, proud and resourceful. Not fantasized and hard trod the earth. He was able to overcome the hardships of everyday life and cope in the toughest situations. He wanted to help others, as evidenced by an unknown woman rescuing a child from a speeding car or dog Danube. He was stubborn and did not give up easily with its target, which may indicate a desire to find his uncle in another many miles away the city, despite obstacles such as lack of livelihood and the injured leg. He had diverse interests, and one of them was natural. He was able to correctly identify birds by voices, or colored feathers, also knew of other animals - that he learned how to treat hives once tortured a dog.


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