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dokończ historie po angielsku

once upon a time there was a beautifull princes...................... Autor edytował treść zadania 5.5.2010 (17:51), dodano około jednej strony w zeszycie

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  • w ostatniej linijce 'living' a nie 'leaving' - przepraszam za błąd, pisałam na szybko ;)

  • około jednej strony w zeszycie

  • Ale to ile trzeba słów???

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    Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess. Her hair was as long as the highest mountain and her eyes were as bright as blue sky. One day she bumped into a handsome prince charming, but he was so busy that he didn't notice her, which was nearly impossible because of her extraordinary beauty. That's why she felt sorry. The princess decided to find prince charming and make him notice her just to see his reaction for having satisfaction. She was looking for him for three days and three nights. She had checked almost ewerywhere: palace, gardens, forests, the vilage, before she finally found him. But when it happened she was so exhausted, that she looked aufuler than ever. It was no difference betwen her and a normal women while looking at ragget clothes, dirty face and wind - blown hair. That's why the prince at first didn't mentioned her in the crowd of hundreds same - dressed women. But when he was passing her, he cauth a glimpsee and was shocked of her beauty. He asked:
    - Are you from here? I haven't seen you there before.
    - Actually I'm not. I live in a palace.
    - Oh, you work there. But I think it is unfair because you're possibly preetier than the princess.
    - You gotta be wrong.
    - For sure I'm not.
    - You would be surprised.
    - Really? Why is that?
    - Because I'm the one you're talking about.
    He didn't know what to reply because he fall in love with her, (and so she did) and he realized that she can marry him if she's a princess. He was so happy! And soon they got married and were leaving hapily in their big and beautiful kingdom consisted of her and his old ones.

    The end.


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