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The Passive
Choose the correct response to complete each conversation.
1 A: It's been snowing all day.
B: ___________________________________
a. It'll probably continue for another hour.
b. It won't be continued for long.
c. It is going to be continued for a while longer.
2. A: Have you been interviewed by the company directors yet?
B: ___________________________________
a. Yes, I interviewed them yesterday.
b. Yes, they have been interviewed.
c. No, I'm going tomorrow.
3. A: Has Kevin been given a warning about his job performance?
B: ___________________________________
a. Yes, his manager gave it to him yesterday.
b. No, Kevin hasn't given him anything.
c. Not yet. Kevin is giving the warning today.
4. A: Should the late applications have been accepted in this year's review?
B: ___________________________________
a. Why didn't we accept them?
b. No, but it wasn't my decision.
c. When do we stop accepting applications?
5. A: The new cars are being delivered tomorrow.
B: ___________________________________
a. I'll come back then. c. Let's go look at them.
b. What do the cars deliver?
6. A: I came downstairs and then I saw all the cookies had been eaten!
B: ___________________________________
a. Why did you eat all the cookies?
b. Who do you think ate them?
c. Do you think we can eat them now?
7. A: We have been told to leave the building.
B: ___________________________________
a. Who did you tell? c. When will they tell us?
b. Who told you?

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