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read thr dialogues. Which words do you think you need to fill in the gspd? Write the answers in your notebook.Listen and check.

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Przydatność 100% Reading

I really enjoy read. I don’t know why, but for as long as I can remember I have spent my free time just reading. When I was a little girl my mom read with me every evening. My house was always full of books. There were many different kinds of books. I used to read everything. My mom said:” You just eat books” While I am reading, I can meet all world, futhermore, by reading I can be in...

Przydatność 100% Which would you rather to do: read a novel first or see a film basted on the novel first?

If someone reads a novel he has to think what he is reading about. He has to imagine his vision. It is impossible that two guys will have the same vision of what they are reading. Reading the book, every person will have vision which will be specific for each other. When producer reads the book he has also a vision which will be contain in his film so when someone watch the film based on the...

Przydatność 50% Your college newspaper needs an article which discusses the good and bad points of working and going to school at the same time. (200-250)

Many students decide to take up a job before even leaving school. Working and studying at the same time has Working and studying at the same time has its pros and cons. There are several points in favour of working and studying at the same time. Firstly, every student could use some extra money. For instance, they might pay their school fees so as to help their parents . Furthermore,...

Przydatność 100% Your school newspaper needs an article about good and bad points of becoming an athlete. Write your article for the paper. (120 – 180 words)

Sport is a popular activity and it has many advantages and disadvantages for those who practice it. On the one hand, sport is good way of relaxing or spending our free time after hard day at work or at school. It is sad that nowadays people don’t usually have time to do almost anything except working. In my opinion, sport is a good idea to help us feel better, and keep fit. Moreover,...

Przydatność 100% Which people do you know who work in old bureaucratic way? Which people seem to be moving ahead with fresh thinking? In what ways do you see yourself as a possible leader in your work life? How do you relate to change? Are you threatened by it or does it

Leadership is a way of thinking and living. Leaders are people who motivate others to accomplish goals defined by them and they enable others to make their own decision. A part of a leader is in each of us but the ability to become one depends on how we develop our skill. These days it can be often seen that there are still people who work in old bureaucratic way what in my opinion means...

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