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Treść zadania


1. I shopping all morning . I am exhausted.
a. shopping b. have shopping c. have been shopping d. have shopped
2. We _____ dinner when the plane hit the turbulence.
a. have b. having c. are having d. were having
3. We saw that one of the windows _____.
a. broken b. was broken c. has been broken d. had been broken
4. It is said that he _____ 45.
a. is b. was c. will be d. has
5. I ______ the essay by Monday.
a. finish b. will finish c. will have finished d. will be finishing
6.Students ________ talk during the exam. It’s against the rules.
a. couldn’t b. mustn’t c. shouldn’t d. weren't able
7. I’d love to ________ speak better French – I’ve been studying the language for five years now.
a. be able b. able to c. be able to d. ability
8. I can’t go out ________ I finish my maths homework.
a. unless b. if c. when d. but
9. If I ________ you, I wouldn’t go on holiday until after my exams.
a. was b. am c. were d. had been
10. I ________ go out a lot at weekends, but now I stay at home.
a. use to b. used to c. used d. am used to
11.I’ll meet you_____________ I finish work.
a. if b. when c. as d. so
12. If you _____________ steak for a long time, it goes hard.
a. cook b. are cooking c. have cooked d. cooked
13.This book is even _____________ than the last one.
a most boring b. boringer c. more boring d. far boring
14.I’ve been a doctor _____________ fifteen years.
a. since b. for c. until d. by
15. I _____________ not be home this evening. Phone me on my mobile.
a. can b. could c. may d. should
16.Look at the sky. It _____________ rain.
a. will b. can c. is going to d. does
17.Which bus_____________ for when I saw you this morning?
a. did you wait b. had you waited c. were you waiting d. have you waited
18. My dad_____________ his car yet.
a. hasn’t sold b. didn’t sell c. doesn’t sell d. wasn’t sold
19. He asked me if I _____________ a lift home.
a. wanted b. want c. was wanting d. had wanted
20. If I _____________ older, I’d be able to vote in elections.
a. had b. am c. were d. have
21.I ________40 years old in 2040.
a. is b. am c. will be d. am being
22. If I didn’t like Maths, I ________be an accountant.
a. didn’t b. haven’t c. won’t d. wouldn’t
23. I ________English by Mr Brown, the English teacher.
a. teach b. was taught c. learnt d. taught
24. Did you ________wear a uniform when you were at school?
a. must b. should c. have to d. ought to
25. Tom used to live in Paris, ________he?
a. isn’t b. doesn’t c. hasn’t d. didn’t
26. He arrived after the concert ________.
a. finished b. had finished c. was finished d. finish
27. I’d prepare something to drink but I forgot ________water.
a. to buy b. bought c. buying d. buy
28. My brother told me ________.
a. to relax b. relaxing c. relax d. relaxed
29. She ________be a very good lawyer, she has a lot of clients.
a. has to b. should c. can d. must
30. Tom asked me________I had been to Paris.
a. did b. if c. do d. has
31. I _____________ read poetry than prose because I do not like long texts.
a. would prefer b. had better c. would rather d. prefer
32. Since the book isn’t on the shelf, somebody else _____________.
a. must have been taken b. must take c. must have taken d.must have been taking
33. Sarah Waters is a writer _____________ novel Fingersmith has just been translated into Polish.
a. who’s b. who c. whose d. which
34. When we were small kids our father _____________ address our aunts and uncles as “Madam” and “Sir”.
a. made us b. is made to c. had made us d. has made us
35. After a long period of unemployment, Mark found a job _____________ a dustman.
a. of b. like c. as d. as if
36. Do you know when _____________?
a. will your father arrive b. your father will arrive c. your father arrives d. your father has arrived
37. If she was more outgoing, she _____________ more friends.
a. would have had b. had c. will have d. would have
38. When I lived in the country I used _____________ organic vegetables every day.
a. to eating b. eat c. to eat d. eating
39. This is the building _____________ Karen was born.
a. which b. that c. what d. where
40. A: How long have you been dating Steve?
B: _____________ we met at our friends’ wedding.
a. for b. when c. since d. after
41. When British people go abroad, it takes them several days to get used to _______ on the right-hand side of the road.
a. drive b. driven c. driving d. drove
42. By the year 2015, many people currently employed _______ their jobs.
a. have lost b. will have lost c. will be losing d. are losing
43. Many young people _______ all over the world, and do all kinds of jobs before they settle down.
a. are travelling b. travelled c. travel d. have travelled
44. My friends _______ to a new fiat in a residential area on the outskirts of Paris.
a. just have moved b. are moved c. have just moved d. has just moved
45. Even though Alan didn't have much money, he _______ on buying everybody a drink.
a. to buy b. in buying c. was insisted d. insisted
46. I _______ concentrate on my homework, because my brother kept interrupting me with silly questions.
a. couldn't b. can’t c. mustn’t d. must
47. _______ a famous personality has its advantages and its disadvantages.
a. To be b. Been c. Be d. Being
48. These days British people_______ to book their summer holidays in December or January.
a. usually b. often c. will d. tend
49. I _______ find my boss difficult to work with if she had a negative mental attitude.
a. will have b. would be c. will d. would
50. That bag looks very heavy. _______ carry it for you?
a. Am l going to b. Will I
c. Shall l d. Would I
51. Do you know ________ their last holiday?
a. where they spent b. where did they spent c. where have they spent d. where they have spent
52. By five o'clock he ________Manchester.
a. has arrived b. is arriving c. will have reached d. is reaching
53. He had a swim yesterday, ___________?
a. wasn't he b. hadn't he c. had he d. didn't he
54. If he'd been thirsty he ___________some water.
a. would drink b. drank c. had drunk d. would have drunk
55. Raku, a Japanese method of making pots, is suitable for anyone who enjoys _________ with their hands.
a. work b. to work c. to working d. working
56. I think that was the best film ____________
a. I’ve ever seen b. I ever see c. I’ve seen ever d. I ever saw
57. You _______________ be an experienced skier – all levels of ability are welcome on the
dry ski slope.
a. don’t have to b. mustn’t c. have to d. must
58. The experiment _____________ under strict medical supervision.
a. we carried out b. was carrying out c. was carried out d. carried out
59. The general ordered his soldiers ______________
a. not shoot b. not to shoot c. not shooting d. to not shoot
60. The ground here is very dry. __________ hasn’t rained much at all recently.
a. There b. The c. It’s d. It
61. When ________________ the conference?
a. did the doctor attend b. did the doctor attended c. the doctor will attend
62. The Kentucky Derby ______________ every May.
a. run b. is run c. to be run
63. Aspirin is used _____________ a constriction of the blood vessels.
a. to counteract b. counteract c. counteracting
64. Birds head south to warmer climates when _______________ .
a. does cold weather come b. cold weather comes c. comes cold weather
65. What ___________ if you found some money?
a. would you have done b. will you do c. would you do
66. If you ____________ your ankle, the best thing is to put one of these on it.
a. sprain b . had sprained c. would sprain
67. I told him _______________ do it.
a. to don’t b. not to c. to not
68. The students _________________ football when the teacher came in.
a. had been playing b. played c. were playing
69. John is over two hours late already. He _______________ missed the bus again.
a. should have b. must have c. will have
70. I don’t have enough money to buy lunch. ____________ you lend me a couple of dollars?
a. May b. Could c. Shall
71. I wanted to talk to the babysitter, but when I got home she _____________  .
a. was already left  b. already left  c. had already been left  d. had already left
72. My son asked me _____________  borrow my car.
a. did he can b. does he can  c. whether he can   d. if he could
73. When I said I was busy, she _____________  to do the shopping for me.
a. suggested   b. offered   c. declared   d. denied
74. My jacket was stained so I _____________ .
a. had cleaned it b. was it cleaned  c. was cleaned it  d. had it cleaned
75. I wish I _____________  him. I wouldn’t have gone to prison.
a. didn’t meet      b. met     c. hadn’t met     d. wouldn’t meet
76. By September they _____________  for 15 years.
a. will marry b. will have married c. will have been married d. will be marry
77. _____________  he is bald, he is very popular with women.
a. However b. In spite of c. Despite d. Although
78. George _____________  it. I don’t believe he is capable of such cruelty.
a. can’t have done b. may have done c. mustn’t have done d. should done
79. The better I know her, the _____________  I like her.
a. less b. little c. much d. most
80. He is believed _____________  the bank last month.
a. to rob b. to be robbing c. to have robbed d. to have been robbing
81. It ____________ very much in summer.
a. isn’t raining b. doesn’t rain c. rain d. don’t rain
82. You ____________ very hard today.
a. work b. worked c. are working d. had worked
83. How long ___________ Jane?
a. have you know b. have you been knowing c. do you know d. have you known
84. When _____________ their last holidays?
a. did they have b. have they have c. have they had d. did they had
85. Tom _____________ for me when I arrived.
a. was waiting b. has been waiting c. had been waiting d. waited
86. He said he ____________ up his job.
a. had given b. gave c. will give d. is going to give
87. If I _____________ you I wouldn’t eat so much chocolate.
a. will be b. am c. had been d. were
88. Two hundred people _____________ by the company.
a. are being employed b. are employed c. are employing d. have been employing
89. Tom _______________ at about 8 o’clock.
a. is probably arrive b. will probably have arrived c. will probably arrive d. would probably arrived
90. He tried to avoid _______________ my question.
a. answering b. answer c. to answer d. answered
91. ________ all the biscuits?
a. Who did eat b. Which ate c. Who ate d. Who eaten
92. I don’t speak Italian, but my boyfriend ________.
a. does b. is c. speaks d. has
93. A You forgot to lock the door last night.
B That’s not true, I ________ it! I remember perfectly.
a. did lock b. didn’t lock c. lock d. did locked
94. Look at your hand! You ________ yourself.
a. ’d cut b. cut c. ’ve been cutting d. ‘ve cut
95. ________ has joined our English class.
a. Chinese b. Chinese girl c. China girl d. A Chinese girl
96. When I got to the theatre, I realized I ________ the tickets at home.
a. had left b. had been leaving c. left d. ‘ve left
97. If I ________ you by Sunday, go to the match without me.
a. ’m not phoning b. haven’t phoned c. won’t phone d. wouldn’t phone
98. The bank ________ three times this year
a. has been robbed b. is robbed c. has robbed d. robbed
99. I’m having ________ tomorrow – can you give me a lift into town, please?
a. cut my hair b. my hair cut c. to cut my hair d. cutting hair
100. Paul’s train ________ cancelled. There have been problems on the railway recently.
a. might have been b. can’t have been c. may not have been d. might have

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