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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to watch a film in a drive-in ice cinema? Well believe it or not that`s exactly what I did last week in Kautokeino Norway. Kautokeino is a smal town about 450 km north of the Arctic Circle so it`s not exaxtly the typical warm and sunny holiday destination. Temperatures rarely rise above zero in winter so the snow never melts. However people have started queuing up to see fims in the drive-in ice cinema! We wanted to create a different film experience says Hakon Issat Vers director of the Sami Film Festival The entire cinema is made from ice and snow. We`ve built a snow amphitheatre with reindeer skins to sit on and the actual screen is made from ice too
As most of the people here use snowmobiles visitor can drive in on their 10 snowmobiles. Not surprisingly, ice cream isn`t on sale, but people can treat themselves to a lovely hot chocolate and a local snack of dried reindeer meat instead.
If you to enjoy teo hours under the Arctic night sky then Kautokeino is just the place. Pack some warm clothes and check it out. Trust me I have been staying here for a week now and I haven`t had enough yet.

1.Kautokeino is in.........................
2.The weather there is.................
3.The cinema is made.............
4.You can go to the cinema by..........
5.A typical snack is...........

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    1. Kautokeino is in Arctic Circle
    2. The weather there is cold.
    3. The cinema is made of ice.
    4. You can go to the cinema by car.
    5. A typical snack is dried reindeer meat.


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